Are Our Free Solar Panels a Con

No! Free solar panels are typically from an organization that pays for the installation of a system they purchase wholesale, then sells electricity back to homeowners at a reduced rate. They pay for their initial outlay by selling power cheaper than the electric company and produce a significant enough amount of clean energy to make up the difference in cost over time with no extra effort.

Sounds too good to be true? It’s not! You must contact your local area to sign up today and give it a shot.

Even free solar panels are not a scam! Once the sun has given us its energy, you have an endless supply of clean electricity flowing through your home at no cost to yourself. It can be hard to imagine life without this incredible blessing from Mother Nature.

Can You Really Get Solar Panels for Free?

Yes, you pay the company for installation, and every year you save that amount, plus any Electric Company “PSI” at the time of purchase.

During these months of free energy, the panels generate more power than consumed by your house. So even if you use a TON of electricity during those months, they are still generating more electricity for longer periods. Once it starts costing less to buy from yourself or Solar City, then they stop making money off their panels, but your house still generates money through savings.

And, because solar is cheaper than conventional power right now anyway, it’s usually not an issue beyond whatever initial investment it took to set up their system in your home. Good luck!

Are Solar Panels a Waste of Money?

I think it depends on your priorities. If you’re more concerned about the bottom line than about doing what’s good for the planet, then yes, solar panels are a waste of money. But if you want to do something satisfying and socially responsible while making sound investment decisions with your bank account, then yes, they are not a waste of money.

Solar power is often cited as one of the BEST investments an individual can make in their future because its value doesn’t depreciate like other commodities. It only appreciates! It’s absolutely worth looking into, no matter how small or large the scale of your budget may be. We all get excited when we get a discount + free shipping on anything at Target from the manufacturer.

This is difficult to answer without knowing your use case. However, solar panels are no more of a waste of money than any other household investment.

The pros and cons are different for everyone depending on the use case, but they have in common being very durable with low maintenance.

We recommend thinking about how you’re using energy – do you want to use more or less? If it’s the latter, then owning solar panels might be perfect for your needs.

Are Our Free Solar Panels a Good Idea?

Yes, solar panels will eventually pay for themselves. The cost of electricity is increasing more than the cost of producing it. The average American spends over $1,000 each year on their home’s energy needs (power and heating). A rooftop solar installation can usually provide up to 60% off this annual bill by generating its own power during the day cleaning up at night. These results in a money-saving proposition that helps reduce pollution too.

Free solar panels may not be a good idea if they’re not compatible with the power grid and homes wiring, and free installers cannot guarantee that there won’t be any other roof issues. They can also pose a fire hazard because of their high-voltage currents.

However, the benefits of free solar panels can outweigh those risks as long as you make sure to purchase them from reputable companies. Free solar panels can save everyone money on utility bills, create jobs for those in the energy industry, and save valuable natural resources like coal and gas, which lead to air pollution.

How do free solar panel companies make money?

Some people think that solar leases are a good way to save money on your electric bill, but before you sign up for one, be aware of what kind and where they provide energy because this can also have an impact.

Providers of solar leases are in the business to make money by selling you electricity at a lower rate than what your utility charges.

The company that used to dominate this market has since gone out of its way for competition among other companies who want customers with interest in their own savings accounts running through homes like yours.


Solar panels are important because they reduce the amount of electricity you need to buy from your electric company.

The price difference between a normal utility bill and a solar-powered bill is astonishing. Not only does going solar save money in the long run, but according to a study by NREL, a household with an average roof size of 2,000 square feet can save more than $22 million on their mortgage loan.

This incredible saving would equate to approximately 10% of the total cost of their home over its life. In other words, people who go solar get more from less. They get all the environmental benefits while having higher quality living conditions even if they don’t have enough money for purchasing large upgrades or renovations on housing.

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