Are Solar Panels Free in Texas?

No, solar panels are an investment.

Every household has different costs and energy needs, making it difficult to determine the average cost of buying solar power for a home.

A lot of the variables that affect potential costs include: where you live (solar panel prices vary state by state), electric rates (the higher your average electric bills and use per month, the more they can save), electricity tariffs (tariffs vary between areas and time periods), installation type (rooftop vs. ground mount) and more.

To help with estimating costs, we have a very helpful article related to Solar Panels Systems, whether they are free in Texas or not.

Can you really get free solar panels in Texas?

Despite being surrounded by vast fossil fuel resources, Texas is the national leader in wind power. Increasingly, homeowners are installing solar panels for increased self-reliance or as an investment opportunity.

Installers have reached out to me with free consultation offers following my recent post about solar panel costs, so they are indeed available in Dallas, Houston, and most parts of the state. Depending on your rooftop space – there are some mounting requirements – these offers might suit you well without any upfront capital investment or risk.

I would love to repower the planet with solar panels. Solar energy is powerful and clean, so it’s no wonder that more people are interested in this technology every day! Interested? Contact your local company for details on how they can help get you up and running today.

Can you really get free solar panels?

Yes. It’s possible to sign up for a program with most utility companies that can cover the cost of free solar panels and installation. You can get free solar panels, but this is usually done by people who belong to certain regional programs that subsidize the cost of installing solar panels.

The most common free solar panel installation company usually offers both the panels and the storage system needed to create an off-grid home for free. This is quite a bit of saving considering that just the solar panels alone could be $7000 with a storage system of another few thousand on top of that.

Everyone wants their home to run on green energy, but not everyone can afford it. Longhornsolar isn’t a total stranger when it comes to helping people save money; they started out by providing heat pumps for homes that couldn’t afford furnaces due to high heating bills.

How much does it cost to install solar panels in Texas?

The cost of solar in Texas compares well with the national average price. If you’re looking to go to solar in Texas, the costs of installation across five major cities are similar. A typical 6kW system will run about $15K before incentives and can be reduced by around 25% if applied for the federal solar tax credit. In fact, when compared with other states on incentive prices, only Houston has better deals than our own state.

It’s important when making these decisions not just to look at how much it costs but also if there is a tax credit available for your home which reduces outgoings even more significantly- oftentimes down into single digits – so do some research ahead.

What is the tax credit for solar panels in Texas?

The solar investment tax credit, otherwise known as ITC, is a beneficial policy that can be utilized by those who install new photovoltaic systems. The federal government offers an incentives program that covers up to 26% of the overall cost and will offset your electricity costs for years to come.

The Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) was created in response to rising demand within our country’s energy needs- primarily because we have been using fossil fuels year after year without any signs pointing towards improvement or lower prices anytime soon. With this incentive available now more than ever before, it could help recoup some expenses if you’re looking into going green today.

Moreover, The federal solar investment tax credit (ITC) is a fantastic way to save money on your taxes by investing in this environmentally friendly technology. The system must be placed in service during the tax year and generate electricity for you, so it’s important that they are installed properly with all necessary permits before installation.

Is solar in Texas worth it?

If you want to save money and help the environment at the same time, solar panels are an excellent investment. With Texas’s vast amount of sun exposure coupled with our many cost-effective incentives for going green in energy production – there really isn’t any reason not makes this move.

Solar is worth it in any state of the US, but solar trends nationwide are showing that Texas has some of the best values for energy savings.

An average residential electric bill in TX was over 20% lower than the national average, and all rates were at least 8% lower. If you live in a nearby state or region – for example, North Carolina – your monthly output would be even higher since sunlight reaches this region an hour earlier.

What do companies mean with “Free solar panels?”

The company might be purchasing solar panels for you to install on the roof of your home, but it’s unlikely. When companies make this offer, they are usually looking to get commitments from customers at a lower rate for electricity in order to offset the cost of their investments in renewable energy.

Sometimes free solar panels mean that someone will put up the cost, and then you’ll either save money or get paid (via the utility company) for all the electricity your solar panel generates.

In the wake of recent storms, many people are buying solar panels to make sure they have reliable power sources. A free or low-cost lease agreement is often advertised with no money upfront but charged for energy production by companies such as homeowners who sign a contract agreeing on how much will be paid per unit depending on your electricity usage and location.

Options available include purchasing them outright, which could save you some cash in the long run though there are also financing options where it would come at zero percent down payment if paying off within 20 years while interest rates vary between lenders, so compare all possible outcomes before committing any serious amount into this investment.

A company’s marketers and salespeople often talk about solar leases or power purchase agreements when they say “free” but not really mean it. These financing arrangements mean that you don’t have to pay for installation, enrollment, maintenance- all of which could cost thousands with other types of energy sources.

Do solar panels increase home value in Texas?

Yes, but not as much as you might think.

Some studies have shown that homes with solar panels sell for about 8-16% higher than similar homes without, or an average difference of 24,000 USD more on the sales price. The major reasons are that buyers perceive them to be more valuable, and they often pay less in electricity bills annually.

Low mortgage interest rates also make it easier for homeowners to take out financing if they produce their own energy, which saves money upfront on expensive equipment.

Solar panels are not currently very popular in Texas, but they can help increase home value. They have still become an attractive roofing option for many home buyers who are concerned about the environment and carbon footprint. Solar panels can improve homes variances in resale value.

However, some say the economic benefits of installing solar are not significant enough to justify the investment for many homeowners in this state and is not a trend we will see in most parts of Texas anytime soon.

Should I get solar panels in Texas?


Texas may not be the most populated state in America, but it sure can hold its own when it comes to sunny days. Texans get an average of 234 sun-exposed hours per year.

This is 29 more than what people living on average experience nationwide and makes Texas one kickass solar powerhouse that all other states should aspire to. In terms of pure sun exposure, Texas is a great place to invest in residential power generation.

Solar energy is a renewable energy resource, and with the costs of installing solar panels in Texas steadily dropping, it’s no wonder that more and more people are jumping on board to enjoy this inexpensive, eco-friendly technology.

Solar power provides many benefits that protect both your family and our planet, including cost savings, reliability, independence from fossil fuels, control over electricity sources, safety protection for your home, greater efficiency at work or school during peak hours of use, etc.

And let’s not forget about the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you know you’re contributing all those watts to help save the earth! It sounds like solar panels in Texas should be an easy decision.

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