Arlo Solar Panel Not Charging

If you see a RED icon and the charging disabled exclamation point in Arlo AppApp while your camera is connected to Solar Panels, then there may be a compatibility issue. Your Arlo camera will not charge if you see a red icon with an exclamation point in it while connected to the solar panel. If your device indicates that there’s no power for charging, make sure all lights are glowing green on both panels and try again before contacting Customer Support.

If This Occurs, Follow These Troubleshooting Steps:

  • To check if it’s working properly, plugging into a wall outlet for 1 minute; if the plugin does not show signs of life on the indicator light (power), unplug from the socket, remove the back cover of the solar panel by popping off four screws visible through companion window. Flip upside down so that cells inside contacts align upwards towards black wire terminal strip at the top rear side of unit – DO NOT TOUCH WIRES OR OTHER PARTS WITHIN SIGHT OF BACK COVER UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING.
  • If this happens when both devices are connected directly into outlets or via extension cords, make sure there’s no debris between them because those could cause interference on signal transmission, resulting in lost connection points too! If possible, try resetting Arlo app settings by going through the Account > Change My Location menu option inside App’s main menu bar (top right corner) depending on how far away the device was functioning properly before installing the solar panel upgrade package.
  • If you want your solar panel to extract as much energy from the sun, make sure it’s pointed in its direct line of sight! It may also help if no trees or buildings are blocking any part of this path.
  • Don’t leave your Arlo camera in a cold car where it could freeze and stop working. When you’re not using the device, store away from heat sources like heating vents or sunlight exposure to avoid overheating, which may cause damage.
  • Insert a battery into your Arlo Wi-Fi camera, and you can power up the device with ease. The solar panel charges the battery but won’t work without one inside.
  • Make sure that your camera’s battery is charged when you connect the solar panel to it. The Arlo Solar Panel will provide trickle charging, not full-charge power, for more than 12 hours of use on a single charge.
  • When you are out shooting all day long, your camera battery mustn’t run down before the photovoltaic panels on top of them have had their fill. If this happens, there will be less energy for things like GPS or other essential equipment if something goes wrong.
  • But if you still can’t get your camera battery charged, visit Arlo’s support site and speak with an expert.

New Solar Panel’s Not Charging (Question/Answer session)


I know it’s been a little while since I’ve posted, but yesterday my new solar-paneled cameras showed up! They were so easy to install, and both of them charged up with their own lightning bolt through the battery meter. Today when checking on one camera/battery in particular (both connections had already been checked), nothing seemed amiss, that is, until the Battery level hadn’t increased either? Weird…

Professional’s answer to the question:

I have the same problem: the battery percentage wouldn’t update after I closed and reopened my AppApp. After closing, it was only showing 40% charged but when reopening an hour later showed 100%.

I am having trouble with my iPhone 6s Plus not being able to show me accurate information about how much charge is left in a particular device, even though double-clicking the home screen or swiping up while on any screen will do this automatically (without opening specific apps).

The internet is a great resource for researching how to do things. In this case, if one of the panels has less light, it will affect all six cells in that panel and create degraded output because they need direct sunlight with no shade at all times.

Asker’s Update on the question:

The sun is shining on my new solar panels, and they’re starting to charge again! After a few hours of not receiving any power, I feel like two peas in a pod. As you can see from my realization, sunlight isn’t enough- it had to be direct as well at just prior noon today for those readings we saw before noon. Still, then all bets were off when those other timed measurements logged into their batteries without ever having seen anything more than ambient light. So now what do I think about this next set which says “no battery”?

In 3 hours of “direct” sunlight, the batteries have charged 3 percent. Like another forum post said, charging the batteries to 100% before plugging in the panels might be a good idea. At this slow rate, it would take a while to fully charge these batteries.

I’m guessing this trickle charge of a few percent each day is just enough to keep their top offer. As we early said, Arlo solar panels trickle charge to keep the cameras in full charge, but won’t make low to full charge, though.

Source: Arlo community.

How does Arlo solar panel work?

Arlo solar panel work

Solar Panels are a great way to keep your camera charged without the hassle of charging it. With an average exposure to one day’s sun, you can enjoy worry-free outdoor installations in hard-to-reach areas.

The Arlo solar panel is a great low-maintenance outdoor solution for your camera installation in hard-to-reach areas. With the average sun exposure, you don’t need to worry about recharging it anymore because this device powers up on its own. This will allow you to take care of your camera battery without worrying about recharging it since the solar panel provides enough power all by itself.

With average sun exposure throughout most days and nighttime shots not being interrupted either due to ar Monitoring services that automatically detect motion when there are no humans around or animals running away from danger modes enabled within this innovative product design – users need to worry less when using their security system at night because everything can happen seamlessly behind closed doors while giving peace of mind knowing exactly what’s going on outside them.

How do you know if Arlo solar panel is working?

If your Arlo is not working well, it means the solar panel isn’t able to charge its battery. You can also tell if there is a problem with charging when you see the camera’s status in the Arlo app.

After ten minutes, you will find that the camera’s status in the Arlo app or website has changed to a lightning bolt battery icon. This means your solar panel is working and can charge up whatever power source it needs from outside light.

But if there are no batteries for this device to draw upon while charging itself over time, what good does having an amazing surveillance system as yours do? Nothing at all without some way of powering its components when necessary – which brings me to my next point…

How do I know if my Arlo go is charging?

To the right of your lens, there’s a blue LED that blinks three quick times when you first turn on the power. Once charged fully and during those two extra seconds, it shines steadily, as can be, with no interruptions or pauses in between each blink – making sure to see every single one for perfect clarity.

Arlo goes getting pretty popular lately. I think it’s because Arlo offers the most flexibility of any camera on Amazon with their own free service. However, even without that feature, there are still many reasons people love them, including how easy they are to use and install in your house, all while giving you peace of mind knowing someone is watching over everything remotely from afar. The best part?

You don’t have to worry about running out of juice when storing for winter since every unit comes equipped with an LED light that will blink red before charging, then turn blue once connected. So, the users know exactly what stage power needs attention.

Does Arlo go have a solar panel?


The solar panel for Arlo Pro and Arlo go cameras charge your device without needing to take it down, so you can enjoy endless power at any time.

The Arlo solar panel provides a way to charge your camera without having to take it down. This is perfect for those with Arlo pro and cameras all over their property, as you don’t want any dead batteries.

Does the Arlo Solar Panel work in winter?

You can use this device to charge your devices no matter what temperature you’re working with. The panels are rated from 0°F-50°C, so they’ll keep going strong when it’s cold outside or hot as heck inside.

The Arlo Solar Panel can work at any temperature. The battery for this device hibernates when it’s too cold but otherwise stays active and charges with the sun to power your home all day long.

This way, you can keep your batteries happy and healthy in the cold. The Arlo solar panels are perfect for any outdoor space, including your home.

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