A Guide to Choosing the Right Generator Under 500 (2022)

The best generator now world’s demand. You can find so many best generator under 500 USD, but all are not enough good.

There are so many people who fall into a big problem when they wanted to choose any generator and they think which products are best and so on.

But don’t worry, after reading this article attentively, you get a logical concept about a generator and also able to know which generators are best.

In this article, I tell you about eight best generators, which I research for a long time and now write to you about these eight products. So read this article carefully and choose the best generator.

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Top 3 Best Generator Under $500 Comparison

Jackery Explorer 500, 518Wh Generator

Jackery Explorer 500, 518Wh Generator
  • Wattage: ‎500 watts
  • Voltage: ‎110 Volts
  • Dimensions: ‎‎11.84 x 7.59 x 9.2 inches
  • Weight: 13.3 pounds
  • Warranty: ‎No
  • Power Source: AC, Car Port, Solar Panel
  • Run Time: Up to 10 hr
Champion 3500-Watt Portable Generator

Champion 3500-Watt Portable Generator
  • Wattage: ‎3500 watts
  • Voltage: ‎120 Volts
  • Dimensions: ‎24.9 x 22.9 x 22.4 inches
  • Weight: ‎120.1 pounds
  • Warranty: ‎3 Years
  • Style: ‎Wireless Remote Start
  • Power Source: Gas powered
  • Run Time: Up to 12 hr
WEN 56200i 2000-Watt Gas Powered Generator

WEN 56200i 2000-Watt Gas Powered Generator
  • Wattage: 1600 watts
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Dimensions: 18 x 11 x 18 inches
  • Weight: 48 Pounds
  • Warrenty:  2-years
  • Power Source: Gas Powered
  • Run Time: 6 hours

The Top 8 Best Generator Under 500 Dollars Reviews

Homeowners are always looking for ways to save money on their energy bills, and a generator is a great option for doing just that. Here are eight of the best generators under 500 dollars that will meet your needs.

We’ll also discuss their features, Pros and Cons, and how much they cost. So whether you’re looking for a small emergency generator to power a single light or a large industrial one for powering your entire home, we’ve got you covered!

1. Champion 3500-Watt Portable Generator Review

Best Portable Generator

Extra modern facilities you can get from this generator. It has a wireless remote control system that controls the generator start and off and so many things.

The 196cc champion engine is reliable. It mainly creates cold weather; it quickly works in winter.

Champion 3500 is at 4000 start watts and 350 running watts. It can work about 12 hours with full tank gasoline. Its noise level of 68 DBA from 23 feet.

This generator outlet is 120V and 30A lacking. It’s gasoline starting amps at 120V. So I think it is perfect for any type of work.

You can get from this generator provided three years’ warranty. It is the best generator under 500 USD, and you can get all the facilities from this product, in particular winter, and control it with a modern wireless remote.


  • Wireless Remote
  • Able to Long-time service
  • Enough warranty
  • Outstanding feature
  • User-friendly


  • Make noise more

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2. Jackery Explorer 500, 518Wh Generator Review

Jackery provided its service through in 2012, and they grow day by day because of their product excellent service.

It is a small generator but a powerful feature. You can charge your phone, laptop, and also generate power for your television.

It’s a standard 12V/10V carport and 3*5V/2.4A USB port. It cannot charge any big electric product. Jackery Explorer 500 also ensures your safety with a pure sine wave inverter.

This product is fit for anywhere with no problem. So you can also try this product, it is amazing ever.

You can get a good warranty and durability for this product. If you fall into any problem, call the product provider and tell them your question.

They will solve your problem as soon as possible. So buy the product and enjoy yourself.


  • Small but powerful
  • Durable and Easy to carry
  • Good warranty
  • Strong safety


  • Not fit for the big electric device

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3. WEN 56200i Super Quiet 2000-Watt Generator

WEN 56200i is a powerful generator. You can start the generator watt from 1250 to 2250 and can also provide long-time power. It includes two-three prong 120V receptacles and 12 DC receptacles, 5 USB port.

This product has EPA III and CARB and is compliant 79.7cc. You can increase the power of this generator and also reduce power.

It has a plug so that you can add more power to any small electric device. You can charge your phone, laptop, and any small electric device.

You also get a good warranty, and their technical support is really amazing. There are so many people who use this product with no major problem.

Hope you also enjoy the product a lot. It is also the best generator under 500 or your budget.


  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to control
  • Able to supply extra power
  • Strong safety


  • Less USB port

4. Pulsar G2319N 2,300W Generator Review

This is another the best generator under 500 gasoline quiet inverter generator. This generator has 2300 peak watt/ 1800 running watt. It is capable of  6 hours power supply with 1.18 gallons fuel load.

It is really easy to handle and strong safety. 59 dB makes it silent from just 10 feet away. You can get 5V DC and 1A USB port, which helps you to charge your phone, laptop, and small electric device.

It is working well and supply energy powerfully. Its design is also an attractive look, so it fits your home and outside.

Its informal feature is also very great. You can get a good warranty and technical support.

So if you think this product is perfect for you or not, then I tell you it is an amazing generator, and I also think you must try this product. So buy the product and enjoy yourself.


  • Long-time power supply capability
  • Strong feature
  • Durable
  • Good warranty


  • Just one USB port not useable multiple devices

5. PRYMAX 300W Solar Generator Review

Solar power Generator

Are you looking for a modern generator? Prymax is a modern generator which has a strong display to show you the power capacity and other things.

You can charge your phone 40 times and laptop 7-8 times 32″ Tv 5 hours and so on. It includes a 1*298Wh portable power station.

This generator takes a too short a time to charge but provides service for a long time. It this way you can save your lot of time.

You can also get 2 USB port, which also helps you a lot. You can also get an LED light, which is really powerful. So I think it is enough to choose this product.

You can get a good warranty and lifetime technical support. It is easy to control, strong safety, durable, user-friendly, long-time service makes the product good enough.

So you can buy this product with no hesitation because it is a fantastic product than others.


  • Modern display
  • Powerful battery
  • Extra facilities
  • Durable and Easy to carry


  • Not suitable for a big electric device

6. DuroMax XP4400E Inverter Generator Review

A 7.0 HP Dur XP4400E engine powered by the DuroMax. This generator is 4400, starting watts 3500 running watts, which is powerful. It can handle the heavy loads of light and refrigerator home air conditioner, etc.

Its maximum power capacity is 120V, which is enough for a good power supply. This product is built with high-quality material, which ensures product durability.

There are lots of facilities you can get from this generator. It is easily power supply about 13 hours with a full tank. So I think it is enough for you.

It already uses in 50 states successfully. Its material and taking low fuel makes it really amazing. So if you want to buy the best generator under 500 USD, then I think this product is perfect for you.


  • User-friendly
  • Strong feature
  • Quiet sound


  • Heavy, not easy to carry

7. Rainier R2200i Portable Generator Review

Rainier R2200i Portable Generator

Rainier Portable generator 1800 running and 2200 peak. It powered by gas CARB compliant. You can use this product for 13 hours with no break with the fuel tank full.

This generator 79cc OHV 4 stork engine, which is good enough, and it is also suitable for any place. It works very silently, so you and your neighbor never feel any problem.

It can charge your phone, laptop, mini air conditioner, etc. And you can easily carry it anywhere.

It has three lights which show your oil load. So you know everything and easily take the next step.

So I think this product is one of the best products in the market which has all the function and power supply energy. That’s why I recommend you to buy the product right now.


  • Easy to carry
  • Powerful material
  • Good warranty
  • Long-time power supply


  • It would be great if it has a USB port

8. A-iPower SUA2000iV Portable Generator Review

A-iPower SUA2000iV Portable Generator

Good looking, high-quality material, fantastic features, durability, and strong safety make this generator great. 1.1 Gallons provide you about 7 hours of energy, and you can charge a mobile, laptop, and another small electric device.

58D BA level noise system is also a significant feature in this product. You can carry it when you go outside, traveling, RV, etc. It is also now working 50 states successfully.

I think now you realize which types of this product are. With no hesitation, you can try this product and enjoy yourself for a long time.

Though it makes a tiny problem, sometimes it does not create any problem if you find any question, call the product provider, and they solve your problem as soon as possible.


  • Capable of the extra power supply
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to carry
  • Lifetime technical support
  • Strong safety


  • Should have a minimum of one USB port

Best Generators Under $500 Buying Guide

There are lots of things you should remember when you buy any generator they are:

Fuel: It is really important to know about fuel. So many generators take too much fuel, but supply energy is not satisfactory. So before buying any generator, please think about the fuel.

Noise Level: Some generators make too much noise. It is really disturbance and ruins your happy moment. So before you buy any generator, please make sure the product noise level.

Durability: Every product which is best they must have durability. If you do not know the product durability or not, then you read the customer review. Hope you get an idea about the product.

Warranty: Almost all the generators company must provide their customers with a good warranty so that they can use the product easily, with no fair.


What is the best generator to buy?

There are many different generators to choose from, and it can be difficult to decide which one is the best for you. Some of the most popular generators include the Honda EU7000IIS generator, the Yamaha P155SM generator, and the Generac 6500 watt generator.

Each of these generators offers its own unique set of features and benefits. The Honda EU7000IIS is a high-powered generator that can produce a staggering 7000 watts of power. It also has an automatic transfer switch, so you can easily switch between different appliances with no hassle.

The Yamaha P155SM is a smaller generator that is perfect for smaller applications, such as home backup power or small business needs. It offers a rating of up to 1500 watts and features a wheelie mode for easy maneuverability.

The Generac 6500 watt generator is a powerful machine that is perfect for larger applications, such as powering entire buildings or providing power to large events.

What should I look for a generator?

When looking for a generator, there are a few key features that you should consider. These features include type of fuel, engine size, power output, and noise level.

When it comes to type of fuel, you should select a generator that uses natural gas, propane, or diesel. Each has its own unique benefits and drawbacks, so it is important to choose the one that is best suited for your needs.

For example, propane is cheaper and easier to store than diesel or gas, but it has a lower power output. Diesel is the most powerful but also the most expensive, while gas is somewhere in the middle.

Another important consideration is engine size. You should select a generator that has a engine size that is suitable for your needs. For example, if you only need a small generator to power a few lights or appliances, then a smaller engine might be best.

Are inverter generators better?

Inverter generators are definitely a better option when it comes to power generation, as they offer several benefits that make them a preferred choice for many homeowners and businesses.

These generators are known for their low emissions and low noise levels, which makes them a popular choice for those who are concerned about the environment.

They are also efficient in terms of energy generation, meaning that they can produce a large amount of power relatively quickly.

Additionally, inverter generators are versatile in terms of use. This means that they can be used for a variety of purposes, including powering homes, businesses, and vehicles.

They can also be used to power equipment in industrial settings, such as factories and mills. Finally, inverter generators are reliable and have a long lifespan, meaning that they will provide consistent power throughout the years.

Why not, an inverter generator fantastic work for any home or outside.

Who makes the best whole house generators?

There are a number of different whole house generators on the market, and it can be hard to decide which one is the best for you. Some of the most popular generators include the Honda EU2000iS, the Yamaha PW20W, and the Generac 6800.

Each of these generators has its own unique features and benefits that make them a good choice for those looking for a whole house generator. The Honda EU2000iS is popular for its easy-to-use touchscreen interface, compact design, and low emissions.

The Yamaha PW20W is well-known for its quiet performance and high efficiency ratings. Meanwhile, the Generac 6800 is a powerful generator that can handle a variety of loads and is backed by a 1-year warranty.

Ultimately, it is important to do your research and compare the different generators to find the one that is best suited for your needs.


I hope you enjoy it a lot. I try my best to provide you with all the information. They’re lots of generators you can find in the marketplace, but all are not equally good.

Therefore, I told you the best generator under 500, which is powerful and durable. Thank you so much for reading this article at the end of and hope that you choose the best generator.


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