Best Solar Panel for Trail Camera in 2022

Trail cameras have been around for decades, and they are one of the most popular ways to hunt game. But what if you don’t want or need a trail camera? Solar-powered ones can be just as good.

Most of all, Trail cameras are a great way to get that fishing to feel in your favorite hunting spot. The best part about them is they don’t require batteries except for multiple A.A. batteries). With the right solar panel for trail camera and cellular compatibility, you can set up with ease without worrying about checking or maintaining these pesky devices anymore.

The best solar panel for trail cameras is a cellular-capable one. This means it has the ability to charge A.A. batteries but also provides power when needed from your phone or another portable device via USB cable.

You can set up these types of devices easily without worrying about checking on them every day like you would need to with non-cellular models that require multiple external sources in order to get the juice back into their respective systems again after use. Check the bestest panels in our guide below.

Comparison Table of Solar Panel for Trail Camera in 2022

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Best solar panel for trail cameras in 2021-22

1. WingHome Solar Battery Charger Kit

Our Top Pick
Trail Camera Solar Panel, WingHome Solar Battery Charger Kit 12V/1A 6V/1.5A with Build-in 2000mAH Rechargeable Lithium Battery IP66 Waterproof Hunting Accessory

Product Specification

  • The Product Dimensions: ‎7.83 x 6.65 x 3.94 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.33 pounds
  • The Manufacturer: WingHome
  • Item Model Number: WH100

Do you know how much money we spend on batteries each year? Our solar battery charger is the solution to every outdoor enthusiast’s energy-saving needs. Whether you are hunting for elk or running surveillance, the WingHome Solar Battery Charger Kit can keep your devices charged.

Connect your cameras to the power grid with WingHome USB Solar Battery Charger Kit. It is perfect for maximizing security while still conserving battery and reducing CO2 emissions, and this kit is compatible with WingHome trail cameras and outdoor security cameras powered by a 6V or 12V battery.

The kit includes a solar panel and mounting bracket that you can install in less than 5 minutes, with pre-drilled holes on the back and bottom of the panel.


  • Sunlight as a source of energy
  • 4.0*1.7mm and 5.5*2.1mm male plug to power trail cameras
  • Mounting bracket, DC charger 3 cables (Installation kit)


  • Generates emission free electricity
  • Comes with the installation kit
  • 5 minutes for fast mounting


  • Comes with little rubber boots

2. Trail Camera Solar Power Panel

Editor Choice
TKKOK Trail Camera Solar Power Panel 8000mAh 3W Supporting 12V 9V 6V for All 3G 4G Hunting Game Camera or Deer Feeder

Product Specification

  • The Product Dimensions: 74.02 x 61.81 x 14.17 inches
  • Weight of this Product: 1.9 pounds
  • Product Manufacturer: TKKOK
  • Product Model Number: X58

Take the hassle out of managing your trail camera. This powerful 8000 mAh portable solar panel provides all 6V, 9V, 12V cameras with enough voltage to make sure you are getting quality footage every time it triggers. Durably built for outdoor conditions, the battery will never let you down when there is no outlets insight and keep on shooting seamlessly so you can spend your day stalking wild games instead of looking for a power outlet.

Welcome to 3W supporting solutions, where all your trail cam needs are covered. We know that getting in and out of the woods can be a hassle, especially when guests visit or just don’t feel like dealing with bugs in hot weather. With our easy to set up a solar panel, you will never have to change batteries again. The New x58 Solar Panel allows hunters everywhere to take advantage of renewable solar energy and cleanly power their hunting cams without changing the batteries or visiting the camera.

TKKOK takes pride in offering a U.S.-based customer service tailored to your needs, ensuring that all our hunting electronics & optics are shipped from the United States Amazon Warehouses, and they have passed a 2-step quality check.

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with what they provide for sale, just let them know within 60 days of receiving them and provide pictures if possible, so there is no confusion on how things look when received by customers. You’ll get a 100% refund.


  • Premium 8000 mAh Solar Panel
  • Power all 6v 9V 12V Cellular Game Cameras
  • U.S. based service tailored to your needs


  • Made with Weatherproof materials
  • They work great on the Trailcams
  • Panel feels solid


  • The battery took a dump in less then 3 months, one client said

3. Trail Camera Solar Panel, BALEVER Solar Battery Charger Kit

Best Budget-Friendly
Trail Camera Solar Panel, BALEVER Solar Battery Charger Kit 12V/1.2A 9v/1.6A 6V/2.4A with Build-in 8000mAH Rechargeable Lithium Battery IP66 Waterproof Hunting Accessory

Product Specification

  • The Item Dimensions: 7.83 x 6.38 x 3.43 inches
  • Product Weight: 1.93 pounds
  • The Manufacturer: belever
  • Item Model Number: BL8000

Our solar panel will supply your power needs by charging through the sun. Not only is BALEVER’S product practical, but it’s durable as well, weatherproof, and an expert at outdoor adventure.

It also has a large 8000mAh lithium battery capacity guaranteeing continuous use of up to two years without recharging with no noise or gas emissions. Supported with an 18-month warranty, you are welcome to check out the most ingenious Green Power Solution for yourself.

You know what you want, and we have it. With this solar panel, the manufacturer covered everything so you can relax and keep enjoying your favorite trails. The Solar Panel Kit comes as a set to accommodate the needs of everyone from serious hikers, backcountry hunters, or just those that like to stroll around their own backyard for some peace and quiet.

It’s perfect for those long hours on short days without sunshine too. Step outside today and get yours now before they sell out!


  • Used on 90% of trail cameras
  • Double-layer waterproof protection
  • Motion detection sensor and IR LEDs to protect panels


  • A better way of attaching the panel to tree
  • Provides power even when there’s no sun
  • A handy long-term solution


  • Would not charge after a few days in sun.

4. Suntekcam Trail Camera Solar Power Panel

SUNTEKCAM Trail Camera 24MP 2.7k Trail Cameras with Night Vision Motion Activated Waterproof Deer Camera with 0.3s Trigger Time 2.4

Product Specification

  • The Product Dimensions: ‎7.24 x 5.24 x 2.91 inches
  • Item Weight: ‎1.15 pounds
  • Product Manufacturer: ‎Suntekcam

This amazing solar panel allows you to power up your game camera with ease using the sun. Saving time and money by increasing battery life, this panel is easy to attach to any Suntekcam trail game camera (even if it has a thick cover), and then all you need is sunlight.

The Suntekcam Trail Camera Solar Power Panel is the perfect choice for people who want to power their game cameras through solar energy and don’t want to spend money on batteries. It’s a built-in high-capacity battery and a durable polycarbonate front cover that transmits light more efficiently than traditional acrylic panels.

It seems like all the hunters in your neighborhood are winning safaris again and again. How do they always know just when to go hunting? The answer is simple: they have the best product on the market- Suntekcam Trail Camera Solar Power Panel with Micro USB. With it, you can videotape deer motions day and night with only solar power; imagine never needing to change out batteries ever again.

Once you try out our product, we’re sure that you’ll be happy with the increased activity, improved performance of your game camera, and the convenience of not worrying about replacement batteries.


  • Captures 24 Megapixel crystal pictures
  • Premium optical lens
  • Sturdy casing design (IP66 Waterproof level)


  • Holds up well in tough environments like snow & storm
  • Comes with a time-lapse
  • Endless capture


  • You may not like the microcard…

5. Rexing Solar Panel for Trail Cameras Solar Battery Charger

Rexing Solar Panel for Trail Cameras Solar Battery Charger with 6V 1700mAh Rechargeable Battery / Waterproof IP66 Outdoor Wireless Power Supply for Hunting & Security Cameras

Product Specification

  • The Item Dimensions: 7.17 x 5.91 x 2.99 inches
  • Product Weight: 1.1 pounds
  • The Manufacturer: Rexing

Tackle all types of environments and seasons with the Rexing Solar Panel for Trail Cameras. Not only do you get to enjoy spying on your target from a distance, but now you can use renewable solar energy for power without having to remove batteries. Let the sun do the work while you rest easy, knowing that no one can get close enough to ruin your game.

Get your game on without worrying about limited battery life. Don’t miss out on all those exciting wildlife sightings because you are up against a power shortage. The sun is always shining. Let it do the work for you with this Solar Energy Battery Charger- an easy-to-install solar panel facility built into your Rexing H1, H2, H3, or one other compatible camera.

Forget needing to purchase expensive batteries that will expire someday- reduce footprint and see everything first hand 365 days a year with clean, renewable energy powering your trail camera system.

Are you tired of having to replace depleted batteries? Quit pulling teeth trying to change them. Let the Rexing Solar Panel for Trail Cameras make you happy.


  • Built-in 6V 1700mAh solar power bank
  • Environmental patience: -20℃ ~ 60℃
  • Provided swivel mounting bracket & 5ft extra-long cable


  • Compatible with most trail cameras
  • Great for optimal energy conversion
  • 18 Month Warranty


  • May require an adapter or converter

6. ECOVOX Trail Camera 2500mAh Solar Panel

Solar Panel ECOVOX Trail Camera 2500mAh Solar Panel IP54 Waterproof Portable Charger Solar Power Bank Outdoor Power Supply for Hunting Game Cameras

Product Specification

  • The Item Dimensions: 5.31 x 4.06 x 2.95 inches
  • Item Weight: 14.4 ounces
  • Item Manufacturer: ECOVOX

The ECOVOX solar panel is the perfect companion for your trail camera and will save you money and protect the environment by eliminating battery use. This panel has a 2500mAh capacity, which allows it to work on most hunting cameras while also providing an array of circuit protection features.

It is great for Hunting Cameras and one of the perfect items to make your hunting camera more autonomous. With a large capacity Lithium-ion Battery, ECOVOX Solar Panel can provide power for your day and night. You don’t need to worry about how long the battery lasts before getting into rechargeable batteries again.

The solar panel is compatible with most hunting cameras on sale in the market, which means it’s suitable with both low-cost and high-quality hunting cameras. When it comes to all of these benefits, there’s no doubt that this product will stun you.

Also, with the ECOVOX Trail Camera attached to your backpack, you’ll always know when wolves are in your neighborhood. This tool is perfect for anyone who gets a little fuzzy around werewolves and needs a way to fight back. The Solar Panel emits power from its solar cells day or night, so it won’t let you down when you need it most—marking areas with large numbers of coyotes? Protect yourself against furballs with this Road Warrior’s best friend.

7. Stealth Cam Stealth Solar Power Panel

Stealth Cam Stealth Solar Power Panel, Multi, One Size

Product Specification

  • Product Dimensions: ‎9.8 x 8.7 x 2.9 inches
  • Item Weight: ‎0.55 Pounds
  • Product Manufacturer: ‎Stealth Cam
  • Product Warranty : ‎1 Year Limi

Do you want to be the next hunter who finds a buck, and nobody can believe it because no one ever saw him? All of your shots will benefit from the Stealth Solar Panel. Unless we’re talking about all those warm, fuzzy shots with mom…

The Stealth Cam panel makes it possible for you to charge your camera without relying on power sources. Moreover, it is perfect for any battery-powered trail-cam or wireless cellular model. The durable solar panel works year-round in low light conditions without compromising quality by regulating current towards vital areas. Cool bonus: this thing even lets you know your percent battery life left via a Notification LED, assuming that RED is bad. What does good look like again? Ah yes, green.

Be as stealthy as you can with this MP-OCD4100 Solar Stealth Cam! The perfect power source for your trail camera because it’s 100% plastic and will not rust or corrode. This panel is durable, has a 10ft insulated metal cable, works during low light conditions, and won’t interfere with your camera’s magnetic features.

So, what is the deal with the Moultrie solar panel for trail cameras?

If you talk about dealing Moultrie Camera Power panel, you’re getting it cheap on Amazon. Without worrying about changing the batteries, the Moultrie provides an innovative solar panel option for you. We have reviewed the Moultrie power panel. Please, read below.

Inclement weather might keep you from going outside to change your camera’s batteries. Still, with the Moultrie Camera power panel, you’ll be able to insert a memory card and take pictures as long as there is sunlight. This is perfect for those days where the rain just won’t stop.

For those eco-conscious individuals who want to limit or completely eliminate their use of standard batteries that have been known to cause problems in our natural habitats, look no further than this solar power option.

With a variety of mounting options so you can offset any limitations it has on mobility, plus a built-in cord so it can power both cameras and LCD screens up close or 10 feet away.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Solar Panel for Trail Camera

Solar panels are a great way to power your trail camera, but how do you know which ones work best? Look at the size and durability before investing in any purchase. Pick from an expert seller who has experience with these products so that they will last longer than expected!

I noticed that buying solar panels for trail cameras is not a simple task, though! Many factors need to be considered, including the size and durability of the product as well as the efficiency rating from an expert in this field.

Be careful of choosing a Renowned Manufacturer, Company X, who has experience with high customer satisfaction rates due to their expertise when it comes down to selecting reliable products for customers who want only top-quality items at competitive prices – no matter what your budget may be.

Accurate size

Your residential solar panels’ position, size, and suitability are crucial to their effectiveness and longevity. Their size should also suit the dimensions on your roof, which will need an accurate assessment from a team experienced in this field if you want them facing optimally towards sunlight or not facing at all angles away from the south (worst case scenario).


You may be wondering why panel efficiency is important. For one thing, the higher your output is concerning what you’re exposed to – either bright sunlight or dimmer light on cloudy days. Then, it will provide more power overall, which can charge up a battery quicker and keep things running smoothly.

For those living where there’s not much Sun radiation available (like Australia), opting for lower efficiencies might make sense if cost-effectiveness was key. Still, we recommend against this as better quality panels are efficient enough even when conditions don’t permit full use of their potential energy generating capability.


When buying solar panels, it’s also crucial to choose a product with an extended warranty. You want the peace of mind that your investment will last for years, and you’re not left without power when crisis strikes in 2 or 3-year’s time. A lot of manufacturers offer decade-long warranties on their products, but one-year ones are outliers.


With the rise of battery-operated trail cameras, many outdoorsy people are turning to these devices as a cheaper alternative when it comes to capturing images and videos. The downside is that you’ll need constant power for your camera, so having an outlet close by or charged up before heading out can be crucial! Because most batteries only last about five photos on average per day with optimal settings (depending upon what type of device it’s attached to),

Trail cameras are a great way to capture all the action on your hunting trips. But because of their advanced features and high power demands, you may need two or five battery replacements per year depending on how often they’re used in optimal conditions with lithium-ion batteries.

No more worries, our discussed solar panels will power trail camera batteries and keep them work 24/7 or when needed. Thanks for being with us.

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