Are Solar Panels Easily Damaged?

solar panels easily damaged

Solar panels are of silicon solar cells, which can be very fragile. While the panel itself is solid and durable, even tiny cracks in each cell may lead to malfunctions or inactive cells that contribute to a less effective operation for your system as a whole. These micro-cracks are almost impossible to avoid, but how … Read more

Best Way to Clean Lichen Off Solar Panels

clean lichen off solar panels

You don’t want to get your solar panels dirty, but you also can’t ignore lichen and algae growth. Algae love constant rainfall, while moss prefers shady areas where they’re mounted on houses or buildings because these plants need moisture to grow. Growing too much means less energy production from your system, which could lead to … Read more

How Many Solar Panels to Power New York City?

solar panels to power Newyork city

Lots of variables here, including the location and weather. You also need to consider whether you want your city powered continuously or just during daytime hours because one will require more panels, storage batteries, etc. Overall, renewable energy is pretty promising! You’ll need to install solar panels for your home or business to be completely … Read more

Can Solar Panels Work Without an Inverter?

Solar Panels Work Without an Inverter

The inverter is an important component of solar power. It converts DC output from a battery to AC so that you can use your appliances more conveniently and effectively without worrying about whether they are powered by electricity or gasoline. The key figure here? Charge Controllers make sure our batteries stay healthy at any time, … Read more

Can You Leave Solar Panels Unplugged or Disconnected?

solar panels unplugged or disconnected

A solar panel is not just for aesthetics! It can be left alone if you want, even when disconnected from power sources. The battery will retain its charge and continue working as expected without being used – perfect for storage purposes or emergencies. There’s no need to panic about leaving a powerhouse like this unattended … Read more

Can I Put Solar Panels on My Townhouse?

Solar Panels on My Townhouse

A solar panel system is an investment that can significantly reduce your electricity costs, increase the value of your property and make you more eco-friendly. Solar power isn’t just for single-family homes. You don’t even need to live in a condo or townhome. All owners should consider making this transition because it doesn’t take much … Read more