Can You Use Solar Panels as Roofing?

Solar Panels as Roofing

The best way to make your home energy-independent is by installing solar panels on the roof. The location and orientation of these devices will help you get all the sun that shines down during daylight hours, which in turn provides a more stable source for electricity than just relying on natural gas or coal plants … Read more

Advantages of Connecting Solar Panels in Parallel

Connecting Solar Panels in Parallel

In a strictly parallel connection, panels are connected together and to the rest of your system. This will increase the amps going through each device by distributing them among many wires, which keep the voltage at 12V since it can handle more amperage with one source rather than two separate sources used individually on its … Read more

Can a Solar Panel Run a Dehumidifier?

solar panel run a dehumidifier

The best way to power your dehumidifier is with solar panels. Suppose you have 500 square feet of the photovoltaic panel in good condition and a high capacity sine wave inverter. In that case, this will ensure that the unit starts on demand without needing an external source, like batteries or gas generators. You can … Read more

Can You Charge a Tesla With a Solar Panel

Charge a Tesla With a Solar Panel

The age of renewable energy is here. Tesla owners can now use their cars as a power source for solar panels and charge them with clean, free electricity from the sun. The future of Tesla and solar power is coming together. By installing a system on your roof, you can harness the energy from the … Read more