How to Prevent Birds From Nesting Under Solar Panels?

Solar panels are an ideal way to power your home. You know that they’re suitable for the environment too, but did you also realize how birds would love them too?

When people invest in solar energy systems like these and see bird droppings on their roofs from time to time, it might not seem so bad at first!

However, as soon as those birds start breeding or other pesky birds take up residence near where there’s lots of food available such as pinecones (or whatever type of US trees have), things can quickly become out of control if left unchecked by human intervention ̶ especially since some species may be much more intrusive.

If you want to be proactive and ensure that the birds or pigeons take their nest elsewhere, here are some tips. Solar panels carry warmth and shelter for birds so they won’t move anywhere easily. It’s easier said than done, though! Here’s what has helped my customers in similar situations:

How to prevent birds from nesting under solar panels

1. Installing bird guards or meshes

What’s the best way to keep your favorite feathered friends away from danger? Solar panel bird guards or meshes, of course! It must be pointed out that installing this can be a difficult job for those without prior experience.

Birds are a pesky pest, and they’re attacking your investment! Install bird mesh around your solar panels if you don’t want to see the damage they do. The metal strands will hold up against their beaks without suffering any permanent scars or marks on the solar panel’s surface.

2. Bird netting or fencing near your solar panels

Bird netting is another method that’s used to protect your solar panels from pesky birds. When placed around the area where you want them away from their desired path, the bird mesh will stop any would-be intruders.

As an alternative to bird netting, you could also try using fencing material near your solar panels. When birds are prevented from accessing their desired area utilizing this kind of fence, they tend not only to move on but may leave that part in the search for new sites where nesting might occur!

3. Using bird spikes

If you want to get rid of pesky birds, a good idea is bird spikes. Bird spikes can be installed on top and around solar panels, as it will prevent them from nesting under the paneling where their droppings are usually found (and sometimes causing structural damage). Online marketplaces offer several sizes with an excellent success rate, so don’t hesitate if this sounds like something up your alley!

4. Turn those birds focus on your garden

You can make your garden a welcoming place for the birds by removing any bits of food or waste that may be lying around. Birds like to nest in areas with access to plenty of resources, so keeping an eye on what’s going into their habitat will give you better results than just cleaning up regularly.

5. Cleaning solar panels by professional’s hands

Birds are so aggravating! You’re doing all you can to keep them away from your home, but they seem relentless. Here at Solar LED Concepts, I recommend professional services for those who want their solar panels in top condition and working properly, just like when it was new out of the box or factory installed by an expert technician with years of experience fixing these types of problems beforehand.

A clean panel will be less attractive than one nestled under a tree somewhere where twigs might provide some shade during hot summer days. It seems almost cruel how determined birds can get sometimes.

Are birds attracted to solar panels?

Birds are attracted to solar panels for their bright colors, like a flashing beacon. This can be dangerous because they may chew through or try to remove the brightly colored exposed wiring, which could lead to short circuits, fires – even your house!

Do birds mess up solar panels?

Birds are often messy and noisy. They build nests in any available location with a tendency for disease when they carry it onto your property!

Birds can be especially problematic because not only do they make noise, but they also have been known to leave their droppings behind, which could cause issues if left unchecked by human hands or cleaning services.

You might not want to clean out the bird’s nest or let your kids play with them. Birds are known for carrying diseases that can be transmitted from one bird to another, which means you’ll end up cleaning up after their messes too!

Do You Need to Bird-proof Solar Panels?

Birds can cause lasting damage to your solar panels by leaving unwanted droppings all over them. Acidic bird scat is likely the culprit for corrosion and structural flaws in these pieces of equipment, so it’s best practice to bird-proof solar panels before you have an issue.

Bird proofing solar panels cost

All homeowners are fighting a losing battle with pesky pests like pigeons. These birds have been known to disconnect wires and cause severe damage, so if you get an estimate from bird-proofing solar panels, it is likely that their cost will be more than just for the initial installation since your repair bill could easily exceed this amount.

Pigeon-proofing, your solar panels is not an easy task. The cost can vary depending on the service you need, but it starts at around $500 and may go up to nearly 1000 pounds for full prevention services!

Final thoughts

Picking up the pieces whenever they fall is incredibly important for anything you own, and that goes double when it comes to solar panels.

Making sure your system stays clean will ensure them being more resistant against bird droppings which can break down equipment over time or cause cracks in their frame if not cleaned regularly enough with a detergent solution like soapsuds (sodium Laureth sulfate).

Additionally, having an expert come out once every few months just might be one of those little things people forget until it’s too late!

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